Archived: Pied Pedal

Once upon thy time there was’th a princess, fairest of them al- OH WHO AM I KIDDING!

I like music, you like music, we all scream for ice ice baby. I did indeed make an arduino guitar pedal previously, but hot damn was it slow. Like, couldn’t even run a real-time FFT (pfft, I 8-bits for breakfast and spit out the bytes, amirite?!). So now everyone say hello to this enchanting mistress, the Raspberry Pi!!1!


So first install Raspian and run all the apt-get commands you can think of. Then follow some instructions (don’t need to be errythang) on this page to trim the fat and get you pi to lose some weight. Once you’ve got your pi running like a kerosene powered antelope, we can begin….muhahahah.

Be sure to get a USB audio interface (super cheap yo) since the pi doesn’t have audio input and any 6$ USB soundcard is better than the crap audio port that came with the pi. Optionally, get an LCD charater display so you know what the fuck is going on, knowwhatimsayin?!

Next, you’ll want to get yourself some libraries to run your effects:

Then, feel free to fork me on Github or write your own starting from the simple client example from the jackd examples repo.