about me

The first thing you should know about me is that I don't like unstated assumptions.

The world is a complicated place, and our small minds can barely hope to fully grasp it. So, I'll pretend that I'm a good writer and you can pretend you're interested in reading about what sounds like a confused dating profile.

It's not a dating profile.

I like long walks on the gravely beaches of Alberta, pina colada flavored bubble tea, and getting caught in a try/catch exception. My pastimes include coding, making impeccable websites, making peckable websites (*insert chicken peck*), and guitar. If you'd like a website like this one, and would like to pay me for it, head over to the freelance (*link*) section. If you'd like to hear more options, please press 2. (*insert dial popup*)

In all seriousness, I wrote this website to help market myself as I move to freelancing and just really to show others what a website can be and what kinds of things that websites nowadays are capable of. Of course I don't claim to have the fanciest website around, but it loads quick, it's quirky (if I do say so), and it represents who I am. Coincidentally, that's also what kinds of things I'd like to work on for freelancing.